Newburgh Junior Civitan - Newburgh Indiana - Midwest District

About Newburgh Civitan

This site is for adult Newburgh Civitan club. For now the Junior Civitan information is posted below. Adult members mentor juniors and work together in projects. For more information visit Civitan International

Junior Civitan is a community service organization for students. Junior Civitan members seek to meet the needs of our world and promote progress in a world of change. You can be a part of your local Junior Civitan club’s commitment to making a difference.

Junior Civitan’s purpose is to provide all of our members with personal and career development opportunities while improving schools and communities through volunteer service.
Established in 1932, Junior Civitan is a program of Civitan International.
Junior Civitan has 14,000 members in 400 clubs.
There are Junior Civitan clubs in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Who can join?

Junior Civitan is open to all students. The club gains most of its members through Castle High School. Parents of Civitans (members) are now encouraged to help out as well.

What does it take to join?

Dues cover for the whole school year and must be payed before working in the haunted house, any projects or trips. Come to the meetings as much as you can and help out.

What goes on in the club?

Junior Civitan helps the community with car washes, can food collections, soda tab collecting, old eyeglasses for VOSH (Voluntary Optometric Services for Humanity), and the haunted house (the biggest project). The money from fundraisers goes to Civitan International Research Center, Easter Seals, and Special Olympics.

Civitan also helps with Special Olympics, and local services to the community and families.

Why else should I join?

The club has movie nights, pizza parties, lock-ins, etc. You can also have fun on trips such as to Canada for the Dance-athon, Florida for Walk-N-Roll, and Paoli Peaks for helping with Special Olympics. You’ll also have the good feeling that you have helped many people.

More Information

The majority of Newburgh Civitan’s Jr. members come from Castle High School. Our members do volunteer work in our community including most of the local and area Special Olympics. The club works on many community projects throughout the year, the biggest one being the Zombie Farm. The money earned by our projects goes to funding research at The Civitan International Research Center which works to finding cures and treatments for mental disabilities and disorders.

For more information visit Junior Civitan International